Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great Movies We Forgot About

It happens a lot. A new movie is scheduled to come out, advertisements are plastered all over our walls and televisions, hype is built up to the breaking point, leaving people impatient and eager to see this marvel of a film.

And then it opens.

People line up for miles to get in, pitching tents and eating cold food out of cans just to preserve their space in line. Finally they make it in to the theater and get comfy with their popcorn and over-sized sodas, practically pissing their pants during the coming attractions.

They sit through the movie for a couple hours, and it eventually ends.

And it was nowhere near as good as they had hoped.

It happens all the time. Either that, or the movie did turn out to be great, but a month or two later, people forget that it even exists.

I can think of 2 movies this happened with quite recently. "300" and "I am Legend." Both movies had an enormous amount of hype and fan fare behind them, but no one even talks about them anymore. I could ask anyone on the street, "What did you think of 300?" and they will probably say, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that movie. It was pretty good."

My question is, if it was so good, how did you forget about it?

There's a ton of movies I love and think were great, and I haven't forgotten about them. Anytime I want to watch a movie (which is often) I go over the least of great movies I've seen in the past before I even consider watching a movie I haven't seen.

If a movie's good, you'll always remember it. I have a hard time believing that a movie is a good movie if no one remembers it.

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