Saturday, October 4, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding

Since when was baseball so important that it could bump Seinfeld out of it's regularly scheduled rotation? I rely on Seinfeld to survive. It's more important to me than food, water, oxygen, and sex all rolled in to one. I have to watch it everyday on TBS at 5:00, then FOX at 7:30, then again at 11:30. And then on Fridays, TBS at 8:00 pm. All last week, all I got was my 7:30 and 11:30 doses.

I'm going crazy.

Then get this. Sopranos wasn't on at 3:00 pm twice this week. Instead, they played the idiot Cris Angel's stupid TV show. It's so obvious that guys a fraud. A 2 year old could point out the camera tricks. One continuous shot, my ass. Every single time he says "this is one continuous shot" they ALWAYS cut to a different camera at least twice during the trick. And if this guy is so good, why doesn't he do live shows or tours? Because he can't! He needs cameras and fake audiences to do his tricks. You're no David Copperfield, Cris. I take shits more magical than you.

Now check this out. Sex...With Mom and Dad on MTV. Hottest show ever. Now, I hate everything MTV stands for. Every show on that channel (excpet True Life) is a complete joke, but I swear to god. One of the chicks on this show was 16, so sexy (so what if she's 16? It's not like I'm trying to fuck her, I'm just talking) and had tits bigger than my head. They show her poolside in this skimpy bikini with her boobs hanging out. It was incredible, but why are they letting a 16 year old girl show her body off like this on TV? Then she's talking about these guys she slept with. I had to turn it off when I started imagining what it would have been like to be one of those guys.

I want my TV back. If TBS doesn't cancel baseball and A&E doesn't stop replacing the Sopranos with Miss Angel, I will fly to each channel's headquarters and smash everyones head with a tire iron.

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Sarah said...

I noticed that Seinfeld hasn't been on the last few days. I was quite upset, too. I love the show.

Did you catch the Sopranos tonight? (saturday) It was on at 10 and 11. I try to catch it at 3 on weekdays, but I don't usually get home till 3:30. Saturdays are the only days I can watch it anymore.