Monday, September 22, 2008

The Importance Of Harm Reduction

It is my personal opinion that we - most of the world - are looking at things the wrong way when it comes to drugs. The fact that we all have to face is that people will use drugs no matter how hard anyone tries to stop them. Humans have been using them for thousands of years, and will continue to for thousands of years to come.

With that in mind, it shows that we are going about things the wrong way. Lying about drugs and refusing to give truthful information about them to the public is the real cause of a majority of drug related deaths. Little Johnny knew he had to drink water when he took Ecstasy so he could stay hydrated. What little Johnny didn't know is that too much water can kill you. Sadly, he found out the hard way.

In an effort to spread the word of Harm Reduction to the masses, I've added a few VERY important links on the side bar. - A harm reduction message board that has a vast encyclopedia of user shared knowledge regarding every type of drug imaginable. There are also community forums, focused on everything from sex and love (Sex, Love, & Relationships) to a forum called Second Opinion, where you can go to get a, yep, you guessed it, second opinion on just about anything you need one for. - The true drug encyclopedia. Erowid has information on every recreational drug, down to dosing (safe dosing and toxic doses) to the legality of the drug to experience reports written and submitted by users of the site. It also contains information on nutropics and legal, over the counter drugs.

For now, these are the only two that will be posted. I will be gathering more as time goes on and adding them to the list. If you or anyone you know is a recreational drug user or drug addict, I urge you to check these sites out. Bluelight especially is a great resource for family members of drug addicts. It's a place you can go to help get advice on dealing with a loved on caught in whirlwind that is drug dependency.

Stay safe.

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